We have a Vision

Creating a more diverse and inclusive Startup Eco-System 

Imagine if Switzerland’s economy could maximize its human capital, benefitting from the potential of everyone in our society, enabling talented people from a variety of identities, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds to found companies and empowering startup teams to make active efforts to diversify their companies.

Break the Bias brings diversity to Switzerland’s startup eco-system, by developing and implementing tools for promoting a variety of opinions, abilities and experience to create new opportunities and horizons for people and startups alike.

Break-the-Bias is committed to advancing scientific knowledge about stereotypes, prejudices, and other group-based biases in the (Swiss) startup eco-system.
We provide consulting services and effective programs for investors, startups as well as startup support organisations such as accelerators, incubators or award organisations to reduce the effect of bias in the startup eco-system.
We facilitate education and training sessions to mitigate the impact of bias in the startup eco-system.